• Mission Statement

    To Allah is Your Return

    This is a truth that comes without any advance notice. The soul has left; the body remains. The deceased needs to be taken care of with dignity, and respect. These end of life rites are “FARJE KEFAYA” for the Muslim community. Death is a very stressful time for loved ones left behind. Janna Tun Naeem is here to help the loved ones. The first step is to buy a burial plot. We work under the umbrella of Moore Funeral Home Inc. It involves buying the burial plot, transport and preservation of the body, open and closure of the grave, preparation of the body, prayer, family viewings, and gatherings are done under one roof. Moore Funeral Home is located in Arlington, minutes away from the Arlington Mosque. There are 250 plots in this garden of peace. Half of the plots are already sold.

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    Muslim Cemetery

    1219 N.Davis Drive, Arlington TX, 76012


    Land Price

    Each Lot $3000

    Down payment $1000

    Installment payments $100 /month (20 months)


  • Funeral & Burial Services

    Provided by partner funeral homes


    Moore Funeral Home


    Ana Nolasco

    Phone: 469-360-4546 || 817-275-2711

    Email: Ana.Nolasco@dignitymemorial.com



    Rahma Funeral Home


    Mr. Qazi

    Phone: 972-386-0383

    Email: qqazi@ifsnt.com